Originating from the food industry, km0 is Spanish concept which implies that the product sold comes from within 100km of the location.

With food, this is promoting buy local and eat local - something we also personally support here at Macho Fins.  

And we figured, why not apply this to other material products too?  So, we've made a concious effort to try and source items locally and use local businesses rather than ordering online, be it merchandise or stationary.  By doing this, not only are we supporting local business financially, but also being more environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon emissions which increased transport distances entail.

Our km0 list currently includes:

- our Macho Fins Enamel Mugs - these are made by well-known Spanish brand Retro Pot in La Cueva, Cantabria

- our recycled card business cards, gift cards and thank you cards - these are made by local firm Imprenta Villegas in Torrelavega, Cantabria

- our vinyl stickers - these are made by local firm La Güella Creativa in Astillero, Cantabria

- our wooden decoration materials are made by Olga of En Piezas in Polanco, Cantabria

Our list is ever-expanding and we're always looking for new ways to support local businesses and initiatives - please get in touch if you have any further ideas or suggestions!

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