You might have noticed that our Macho Fins Signature T Shirts are not only 100% organic cotton (they're so soft!), but also Fair Wear certified.  This sounds great, and it is great!  But what does it actually mean?  We had a little investigate to find out...

As you'd expect, Fair Wear has all to do with the fair treatment of the garment workers making the Ts.  The overall aim of the Fair Wear organisation is to have a world where workers in the garment industry see their rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment realisedAnd they intend to help achieve this by ensuring:

  • Brands continuously improve their internal mechanisms, including their purchasing practices
  • Brands – in cooperation with their suppliers and trade unions – systematically and effectively prevent, mitigate and remediate risks and violations of labour rights throughout their supply chains
  • Policy makers and regulatory oversight organisations create an enabling environment for the effective enforcement of labour rights

Garment companies holding the prestigious Fair Wear membership are subject to regular audits to ensure they are upholding the organisation's Code of Labour Practices:

1. Employment is freely chosen
2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
3. There is no discrimination in employment
4. No exploitation of child labour
5. Payment of living wage
6. Reasonable hours of work
7. Safe and healthy working conditions
8. Legally binding employment relationship

All in all, it's an association and vision that we're proud our supplier is part of, and that we're able to provide you with a little more reassurance about the T Shirt you're wearing.


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