If you’ve received one of our fins by post, you’ll know that we already send our fins in recyclable cardboard packaging – but you’ll probably have also noticed that a fair amount of packaging tape is also required to seal this package and ensure your fin reaches you in perfect condition.

We’re happy to say that as part of our Eco Drive we’ve now found a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic packaging tape thanks to British-based small business Non Plastic Beach.  Like Macho Fins, this is a small family-run company, dedicated to the production and distribution of plastic alternatives for everyday objects – from toothbrushes to…packaging tape!  Besides having a beautiful aesthetic, all their products are thoroughly researched and sourced and are of course 100% plastic free.

Non Plastic Beach’s paper packaging tape which you’ll find sealing your fin package from now on is fully certified compostable and recyclable – both the tape and glue, and makes recycling your fin’s packaging a doddle, as the whole package can now be popped straight into your paper recycling bin. 

Simple changes which make an impact!

Interested in getting some of this paper packaging tape yourself?  Check out the Non Plastic Beach website.

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