Macho Fins Family

All stories start with a name, and ours starts with ours.  We are the Macho brothers: Gonzalo, Alberto and Jose Luis.  We are all engineers by trade and artisans by heart – we take pride and enjoyment in the perfection of our product.

Born and bred in Northern Spain, we are dedicated fin specialists who have painstakingly developed the best processes and tools for our craft.  Just as at the outset, all the fins we produce today are made in our family workshop from start to finish, without exception – nothing is outsourced.

Here at Macho Fins we pride ourselves on being a true family business, but it's not just us three brothers who run the show! 

In fact, we are actually 4 brothers, Alejandro is always there behind the scenes helping out with technical details and fine tuning our tools in the workshop, often with the help of our dad, Jose Luis. 

And the ladies!  Our mum Elena is the one who hand makes our fin sleeves, and Gonzalo's English wife Nat deals with the social network side of things and everything English from the website to emails.

Find out more about our fin making process: We Made Your FinWorkshop and Attention to Detail.

If you’ve got any questions for us, please feel free to contact us, we’re always happy to help!

The Macho Brothers @machofins