Attention To Detail

We take pride in perfection.  We can't help it, it's a family trait and exacerbated by our engineering backgrounds - in engineering things have to be perfect or the machines don't work.  For us, our fins have to be perfect, or they're just not good enough.

We also take pride in the fact that all our fins are made 100% in our workshop here in Cantabria, Northern Spain.  Every fin with a Macho Fins logo has passed through our hands at every stage of its production process - from the cutting and accurate laying of the fibreglass sheets to the precision sanding of every fin...ooooh the dust...

When you get a Macho Fins fin in your hands, you can instantly appreciate the work that's gone into each and every one - check out the lines of the fibreglass, the smoothness of the finish, the precision of the base for a perfect fit in the box, the foil of the fin - completely unbroken with no flat sections.  

And of course, when you get your fin in your board and in the water, the magic happens.  All our fin models have been thoroughly tried and tested - and design perfected to give the best ride.  

Mike Lay for Macho Fins

If you're in doubt about which fin fits your board, please contact us - we're always happy to advise one-to-one.