We Made Your Fin

Every single Macho Fins fin is made in our family workshop in Northern Spain.  Nothing is outsourced, every step of the fin making process is undertaken and controlled by us, ensuring the finest quality at every stage.  Our fins are 100% made from fibreglass, resin and dyes, and each and every fin is finished to the highest standard.  Over the years we have developed our own methods and special materials, such as our “raw” matte top coats which give our fins a unique, stylish finish.


As any shaper or fin maker will tell you, making really top quality fins is no mean feat.  It’s no surprise that it took years for us to perfect our craft before we finally launched Macho Fins.  We were not prepared to bring out a product that was anything but as close to perfection as possible, and it was a painstaking, frustrating process - but also a highly rewarding experience getting to that point.  Fin production is a highly gratifying and creative process, we thoroughly enjoy our work and we hope that also shows in our fins.  We continue to develop new models and are continuously adding to our fin range.  Several models are developed in conjunction with shapers and experienced surfers who ride with our fins – in these cases we are guided by their advice and ideas, which combined with our skills produce quality and varied fin models.  


Our fins are not low cost, we only use top quality resins, fibreglass and dyes.  This, combined with our experience and expertise in fin production and design developed over the years results in our top quality product – nothing leaves the workshop without our perfectionist personal seal of approval.  As each and every one of our fins is individually made by us, we are able to ensure that they have a perfect fit in the box, their foils are meticulously finished, and they are going out flawless to you.


Our foils are fundamental for us, and something we are proud of in terms of their precision.  We use a continuously curved foil from the base to the tip of the fin, so our fins have the best performance and hydrodynamics in the water.  Our flex fins have carefully calculated flex in the foil, with some also using special Volan fibreglass for additional flex.

We aim to produce high-performance, quality, durable, beautiful fins - we believe our fins speak for themselves, and we take pride in perfection.

If you would like any personalized fin advice from us, please contact us, we're always happy to help one-to-one.