Flex Fins

Our flex fins have been meticulously developed to provide measured levels of flex both through the foil of the fin and the additional use of Volan fibreglass.

Flex Foils

Our carefully designed foils of the fins themselves are the principal way of obtaining precisely measured and controlled flex, be it throughout the fin or specifically at the tip.  Our Bow and Claw models, for example, have added flex throughout the fin thanks to their whole flex foil, whereas our Spur model has light flex at the tip only. 

Volan Fibreglass

Various colour options in these two models also use Volan fibreglass for increased flex.  Volan has a naturally greenish tint, as seen in our Volan Natural colour (which has no dye added), and enables a slight increase in flex throughout the whole fin - from base to tip if the foil allows it, whilst maintaining the top qualities of our regular 100% fibreglass fins.

Flex Effect

The additional use of flex in a fin can be clearly felt in the water.  It very much depends on the board too of course, and some boards are not so inclined to flex fins.  However, generally speaking, added flex in a fin will result in beautifully smooth turns with the added boost at the bottom of the turn, projecting the board forward, as the fin flexes and releases in the water.