As part of our Eco Drive to reduce single use plastic, waste and be as environmentally friendly as possible, we're super pleased to inform you about a new collaboration.

We've always been very aware of our use, and more so the excess we create, of craft foam in the production of our fin sleeves.  Craft foam is the perfect material for the long term protection of our fins, both during their transit to you, and also for your use in the future - it's durable, water resistant and very cushioning.  However, it is also not recyclable.  This doesn't pose a real issue with the fin sleeves themselves, as they are made to be reused, and we actively ask shapers to keep any fin sleeves they don't use to return to us in the future to be reused.  The big problem is really the waste created when cutting the fin sleeves - they're cut from larger sheets of craft foam, and although we are very careful to optimize the way they are cut, there is inevitably always some excess.

Fin Sleeves

Then one day, Nat went to a workshop at Kuki Craft here in Cantabria, which was given by the lovely Edelweiss - otherwise known as @girlsaresuperheroes.  The workshop was for making block stamps...with craft foam!  Bingo!  A new collaboration was born.  Edel gives workshops around Barcelona, where she's based, and around Spain, both to adults and in schools - and craft foam is her preferred stamping material for her kids workshops.  And any size or shape will do!  


So from now on, we will be boxing up our craft foam off cuts for Edel and enjoy checking out what lovely crafty things are produced with them.  If you fancy seeing how it's done, check out @girlsaresuperheroes for Edel's tutorials.  And maybe Nat'll be keeping a few off cuts for herself and creating something fin-related with them too...suggestions on a postcard!

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