This July marks one year since the start of our hugely successful collaboration with Non Plastic Beach as part of our Eco Drive

In 2019 we teamed up with this innovative British company in a quest to reduce our use of single use plastic - specificially in the packaging of our fins.  We made a very simple change, we swapped our standard plastic packagaing tape for Non Plastic Beach's Paper Packaging Tape to enable the easy recycling of the entire packaging of our fins.  

And do you know what?  In that year as a result of the collaboration, we've saved 2.5km of plastic

We're pretty proud of this, and we'd like to encourage YOU to think about how YOU could also eliminate a bit more plastic from your life.  Not sure how?  Check out Non Plastic Beach's website for a huge range of #plasticfree products, and for more great ideas and initiatives, check out Plastic Free July.  

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