Special Series

Welcome to our Special Series fins.  Original designs from a range of artists, printed directly onto fibreglass and inserted as an integral part of the fin during the panel making process – for designs as durable as the fins themselves.

A standard Macho Fins fin is composed of 38 layers of fibreglass, and a Special Series fin is composed of 39 – the extra central layer of fibreglass having the printed design.  The use of printed fibreglass, rather than any other material, results in not only a highly detailed pattern, but also means the fins are translucent, so any section of the design which does not carry the print is beautifully translucent with light behind it. 

The durability of our fins is paramount to us – as part of our commitment to sustainability, we make a product which is long-term and not something to be used and thrown away.  We continue this durability in the production of our Special Series fins – as the fibreglass pattern is an integral part of the fin, it won’t wear or fade, and will last as long as the fin itself.

Our range of Special Series fins increases every year as we add new collaboration designs to our catalogue.  We currently have 2 designs available, Tropica and Bali Blossom



Macho Fins Special Series Rudder Tropica BluesMacho Fins Special Series Rudder Tropica PinksMacho Fins Special Series Root Tropica

Our signature Special Series Tropica design was designed by our friend Christian at Conspiracy Studio in Barcelona.  He’s also the designer of our Macho Fins Signature T-shirts.  Inspired by the tropics and his personal surf trips around the globe, the design is available in 3 colour options, and 2 fin models, the Rudder (size 9 & 10) and Root (size 9).


Bali Blossom

Macho Fins Special Series Bow Bali Blossom

Our newest Special Series, Bali Blossom, is an exciting collaboration with Macho Fins rider and designer Anais Pierquet (@facingblankpages).  A long term Bali resident, Anais was inspired by the nature and beauty of the island around her for her Bali Blossom design, which is available in our popular Bow model, sizes 9.75 & 10.5 (only). 

Find out about Anais' inspiration for her Bali Blossom design and her feedback on riding her Bow fin here.