Today we add a new model to the catalogue, a classic for those in the know - a Glider fin.  Designed specifically to be ridden with a Glider board, this rigid upright fin is usually sized considerably smaller than the board size (in contrary to most single fins) - where board sizes are usually 10'+.  Based on this, we've bought this model out in 2 sizes initally, 8.5" & 9" - however, if you're looking for a smaller Glider, do get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.  We've bought it out in 2 catalogue colour options, classic Black Raw and our brand new Forest Raw.  

Macho Fins Glider Black RawMacho Fins Glider Forest Raw


Any questions or confusions over Glider fins, get in touch!

Photo Credits: Sergio RojoJorge Hunt