We are stoked to be collaborating with a new local organisation - Noseriders Cantabria.  This new collective aims to bring together longboard enthusiasts, surf schools, surf shops and shapers from around our local region of Cantabria, Spain. 

And they are kicking things off on Saturday 8th October 2022 (new date) with Long Oluca, a first meet of free surfs throughout the day at Playa Merón in San Vicente de la Barquera, cumilating in a presentation, live music and a raffle at Yepah Bar in Gerra in the evening.  To get involved and find out what it's all about, contact Noseriders Cantabria through their Instagram or at noseriderscantabria@gmail.com and sign up to join in the fun. 

And of course, there'll also be a couple of lovely Macho Fins in the raffle for you to get your hands on too!