It's been a long time coming, and we know many of you have been waiting patiently for its arrival, so we're extra stoked to announce the launch of our newest model, the Claw, in collaboration with Macho Fins rider Nico Garcia.  

Macho Fins Claw Fin

Nico came to us last year with the request for a big log fin, to match up with his boards from his new shaper Vita Surfboards in Asturias, Spain.  With the specific aim of more time and more stability on the nose, the template of the Claw, with its considerable rake and overall size, enables the fin to really lock into the wall of the wave for super hold and solidity when noseriding bigger, wider tailed boards in larger conditions.  At 11", it's a whole lot of fin - Nico's currently riding it with a wide tailed 9'6, and in his case quite a concave at the nose.  The flex of the fin keeps it smooth in the water, reducing speed loss on turns and giving it that lovely flexy drive off the bottom of the turn.  Additionally, we've used Volan fibreglass for its catalogue colour for that extra bit of flex throughout, plus the aesthetic bonus of the natural colour of the Volan with no dyes.  The overall effect is steady, speedy riding and something levitational when noseriding, with all the hold needed for some serious sustained tip time.

Macho Fins Claw Model Nico Garcia

Nico Garcia with his personal Claw fin in Custom Colour Glass Raw

And it's not all talk!  Nico's been doing the rounds this year showing just what he and the Claw fin are capable of, putting it through its paces at a huge range of breaks and conditions, and taking away the top accolades at festivals and circuits all over Europe and beyond.  The cumulation of which was him being proudly and deservedly crowned the WSL European Mens Longboard Champion 2022 back in August.   Congratulations Nico!

The Claw is currently available in one size, 11", and in one standard colour, Volan Natural.  

Photo Credits: Bella Rose Bunce & Sergio Rojo & Urko