As you already know, we've got a couple of international longboard festivals coming up at the end of the summer, Gliding Barnacles in Portugal and Smooth Movers in Cornwall.  For those of you that are interested in getting your hands on a specific fin and are coming to either, we've got a nice little pre-purchase offer for you.

If you'd like to ensure that you definitely get the fin you want, and want to save on shipping costs, then we're giving you the option to buy online in advance, and pick up your fin all ready and waiting for you at either festival.  


What's the advantage of pre-purchasing a fin?

Although we'll be bringing a whole load of stock to both festivals, we don't have the space to bring absolutely everything - and of course there's no knowing if someone else might snap up the fin you were looking for before you get to visit us. 

By pre-purchasing, you're guaranteed to get your hands on the fin you want - with the added advantage of not paying the standard shipping costs by picking it up from us at the stand.

How does it work?

Simply make your purchase online through our website as you would normally, and when you get to checkout, enter the code PICKUPGB19 or PICKUPSM19 in the Discout Code box - and you'll see the order now has free shipping.  Continue with the purchase as normal, and remember to keep the confirmation email handy.

Remember, it's important you use the right code according to the festival you're attending, so we bring the right fin to the right festival!

How do I pick up my fin?

We've got our full Macho Fins stand at both festivals, at Gliding Barnacles from 30th August - 1st September, and at Smooth Movers on 7th September.  All you need to do is pass by the stand, bring a copy of your order confirmation (save paper and do this just by showing it to us on your phone), and we'll have your fin ready and waiting for you to pick up.

What if I change my mind when I get to the stand?

We're happy to change the colour of the fin you've chosen for any other we have available on the stand (i.e. you've purchased a Volan Blood Bow fin online, but on arrival prefer the Volan Black Bow - no problem).  However, we won't be able to change the model or size - so make sure you've got that sorted before you buy.

What if I'm not 100% sure which fin I want or need?

You've got two options.  You can contact us beforehand to ask our advice, and we can advise you one-to-one on which model and size is best for you and your board.  Or you can simply wait and buy direct at the stand from the stock we've got with us there - old skool!

What if the fin I want isn't in stock on the website?

Over the next couple of weeks Gonzalo is working overtime making stock for both festivals, so keep checking back as stock levels are constantly changing.  If you are after something specific which says it is out of stock - contact us!  We'll let you know if it's likely to be back in stock in time for pick up at the festivals or not (we'll always do our best to make sure it is).  

Is there a time limit to the offer?

Yes, indeed there is:  
You can use the code PICKUPGB19 online until 26th August for pick ups at Gliding Barnacles
You can use the code PICKUPSM19 online until 2nd September for pick ups at Smooth Movers.  

One last question, I've seen you've got new Macho Fins T shirts - how can I get my hands on one?

Yes!  We'll have our brand new certified organic/FairWear/vegan Macho Fins T shirts for sale at both festivals.  We've got men's and women's Ts in a variety of colours and sizes - come by the stand to check them out and get your hands on yours before they sell out!