Probably one of our most-asked questions!  And we've got the answer for you - from the maker and from a shaper who's just a bit in love with both models, Johan of JD Shapes in Sweden.

So let's let Gonzalo go first with the technical stuff...


The Bow is our flex fin model, with a nice wide base, and thinner tip, and a full flex foil throughout.  It's a great all-round fin, hence we have it in so many sizes, as it is suitable for so many different boards.  In terms of performance, its flex and base mean you'll find it helps project you off the bottom of the wave, keeping the speed in the turn and giving that extra oomph off the bottom.



The Drifan, which we designed in conjunction with Mike Lay, has a rigid foil, and requires slightly more power as a surfer, as its wider template means it's slightly harder on the turn.  This also means that it's more adapted for nose riding, offering greater stability with its larger surface area.

You can read more on Mike's objectives for the Drifan here.



And now over to Johan, who's been riding our Bow model religiously for a couple of years now, and matching it to his beautiful JD Shapes handshaped boards, but recently discovered the Drifan on his visit to us en route to Portugal eariler this year and after putting it through its paces in the Portuguese surf...I believe is now a little torn between the two!

The Bow is my everyday go-to fin, you just can't go wrong with the Bow - I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good all-round fin.  It's loose, but still holds on the nose in the right section. 

The Drifan is more stable, but still loose when you want it to be.  Personally, I'd recommend the Drifan to anyone looking for a little more stability but not wanting to lose the lively feeling from the tail.

Bow & Drifan

Photo credits: Walk Wild StudioJohan Denker, Jorge Hunt (who also has both fins, and prefers the Bow!)