If you weren't at the Ferrolog Surfing Invitational in Galicia, Spain in May, we hate to be the ones to tell you that you missed a good'un! 

A fabulously sunny weekend, and once the wind dropped, some great longboarding conditions giving way to a great competition and Spain's first dedicated Gliders session.  We got to see shapers including Toni-Cormoran Surfboards, Joseba-Self Surfboards and Jose-Barahona Shapes live shaping, and had the chance to listen to the Surf Nature Alliance guys updating us on their progress on saving national and international breaks.

We'd like to extend our huge thanks and congrats to the organizational team for putting on one of the most authentic, friendly, relaxed and longboard-focussed festivals we've been to in a long time - it really was a pleasure and an honour to be part of the first edition - and we're sure the first of many, as everyone there was having such a rad time!

Of course, big congrats to the competitors, including our grom Nico Garcia, and the winners - including Christian Stutzman who we were stoked to see get the win in the men's final riding with a Macho Fins Bow fin.  

And finally, congratulations also to our Ferrolog #winthisfin winner, Lizzy Art Work, who won our Tropica Bow fin by signing up to our newsletter at the stand.

Want to see what it was all about and see the action in the water?  Check out this video courtesy of Miki Astorga and Hangten Magazine - can you spot Gonzalo and the Macho Fins stand?

Ferrolog Surfing Invitational by Hangten Magazine from Miki Astorga on Vimeo.



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