Let us introduce you to Tom of Stockwell Surfboards from South Devon, UK.  Without a doubt the most unusual shaping set up we've visited - Tom's shape room is on his parents' pig farm in deepest Devon - just down the road from where Nat (Gonzalo's wife) is from.  Tom's been using Macho Fins in his boards since we spent a spontaneous weekend vanning around Cornwall with him and girlfriend Christie of Brahma Studios last September.

Stockwell Surfboards Logo

We sent Tom our Shaper Stories questions to find out a bit more about him and his boards...

Tell us where you’re from and where you’re based.

I live on the south coast of Devon, UK not far from the local break Bantham beach.  I work out of a disused barn that has been converted into shaping, sanding and glassing bays tucked away on my parents' pig farm. 

What inspired your logo/brand name?

We spent hours deciding on a brand name, waking up in the night with ideas. Then both agreed on my surname. 

The logo took a while to design with sketched ideas hanging on walls around the house for weeks.  The logo was designed with the name being the focal point.  Taking inspiration from a few classic surfing brands the outline was born, I then left it to my girlfriend to do what she does best and add the details. 

Tell us a bit about how, when and why you got into shaping.

I had a good friend who was a keen surfer and he wanted to shape himself a board, so we built a basic shaping bay and welded up a shaping rack on the farm.  After watching him shape his board I was itching to pick up the modified planer and carve up some foam.  I was hooked on the shaping process shaping my first board as quickly as I could.  From there on it's been a exciting journey, learning and playing with new shapes and ideas.

What kind of boards do you mostly shape?

It seems like I’ve shaped quite a few classic fish surfboards over the years and they're proving popular for our local break, I would like to think I shape a nice mix of boards keeping it lively and fresh.  I really enjoy shaping longboards and midlength boards - something about long passes with the planer.

What’s your preferred fin set up to a) shape and b) surf?

Anything that lets me get creative with bottom contours, I’ve loved shaping twin fins with channels, well anything with channels is a pleasure to shape.  Can’t seem to get away from surfing a single at the moment, loving the slower pace and perfecting my turns.

Best tip for the budding shaper? 

Take your time to execute every stage as best as you can, this will make the whole process easier and more economical.  Don’t rush it - I've seen quite a few boards that have been rushed due to excitement.  If you're not sure, don’t be afraid ask your local shaper - most shapers will be more than happy to help you.  Make sure you enjoy the process. 

What’s been the most memorable board you’ve ever shaped & why?

I remember shaping a board for a good friend that he took all over the world.  It was a 6’ hybrid, pintail with wide round nose, resin tint, gloss and polish, resin pin lines - I spent ages polishing that thing.  I got a message off him about a year later saying it was the best board he’d ever surfed. 

What's the bonus of using Macho Fins in your boards? 

Knowing every time I buy a fin I’m supporting an independent business.  Meeting Gonzalo and talking to him about his fins you really feel his passion for quality and performance.  But you really have to see the fins to appreciate the craftsmanship and finish.  Plus, Nat and Gonzalo are some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.  Thanks Legends!

Thanks Tom!  And you can check out Stockwell Surfboards on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

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