Today is the day to get out there and support your local surf shop! 

Surf Shop Day is a growing movement to encourage us all to shop independent and shop local - something we fully support here at Macho Fins.  We are proud to support our loyal and growing network of stockists around Europe and further afield, selling our fins in small, independent shops - and we have several policies to actively show this support which we're going to share with you today.

Firstly, we require that to be a Macho Fins stockist a store should have an actual physical shop with a shop front - we believe in promoting small businesses like our own, and encouraging customers to actually visit the shops in person.  Obviously, this has not always been possible over the last year, and it's been great to see that in times of Covid so many of our stockists have adapted so well to also selling online, however we refrain from selling to purely online stores.

In addition, we also believe every store has the right to sell our fins, so we also operate a non-exclusivity policy, as well as not having a minimum order requirement - if a small independent shop wants just a couple of fins to add to their shelves or adorn their walls, that's absolutely fine by us.  

And finally, we also prefer to work directly with shops, rather than through distributors as is customary with bigger, mass-produced fin companies.  One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is interacting with both our retail and wholesale customers directly, either in person when we visit our stockists, or via email or phone.  We care about every single fin we make, every single fin is made by one of us and packed and sent by another of us, so even with wholesale orders, every order is special to us (and most appreciated).

You can check out who's stocking our fins right now on our recently updated Stockists Map - find out who your local Macho Fins stockist is, and go pay them a visit today and wish them a Happy Surf Shop Day!

You can read more about Surf Shop Day in last year's post, including a chat with founder Mike Vavak of Building The Revolution.