If you’ve been following anyone interesting on Instagram this weekend, you’ll know that The Single Fin Mingle has been taking place down under at Sumner Beach, New Zealand.  Several of our boys were down there taking part in the action – suited and booted of course – and we’ve heard a great time was had by all both in and out of the water. 

And we couldn't be prouder of the results of the Mingle either!  The top three spots went to Macho Fins riders Mike Lay, Josh Woollett and Eurico Romaguera, with Sean Cusick also riding in the heats.  

Interested to know what they were riding? Here goes…

Mike Lay – riding a new and yet unnamed single fin model we’ve been developing with him, coming out very soon – watch this space

Josh Woollett – riding our Bow model with its light full body flex

Eurico Romaguera – riding our co-designed rigid foiled Spine model

Sean Cusick – riding our Spur model with its light flex tip