We're super proud to introduce a completely new collection of fins to our range - Limited Edition.  

Fin designs in this collection will be available until stocks last - you need to be quick off the mark to get your hands on one of these beauties!  And once you have, you know you've got something that only a handful of others own worldwide.  

Our Limited Edition sets are batched into up to 24 fins per edition - which for us in terms of production is 2 panels of fins.  Templates are based on our most popular fin designs as found in our catalogue - they'll be coming out in a range of single and twin models and sizes.

Some of our Limited Edition range will be similar to the original designs of our Special Series fin collection, designed by the artist and printed onto top quality fibreglass in California, and then inserted as layer 39 of the resin panel - the central layer in a single fin.  Other editions will include in-house experiments and new design ideas - we're looking forward to getting creative!  They're then cut, sanded and finished to our usual high standards, and result in a 100% surfable Limited Edition fin.  Each fin within a set is numbered X/24 ensuring there really are only up to 24 of each design out there.  

We look forward to working with a range of designers, artists and illustrators on these fins.  If you're interested in collaborating, get in touch!

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