We've all seen the hashtags #supportyourlocalshaper and #supportsmallbusiness - and as a small business ourselves here at Macho Fins, we're fervent supporters of these concepts. 

We are lucky to work with a fabulously loyal community of shapers from all over Europe and the rest of the world, relying on our fins as the final touch to their top quality, handshaped boards.  We're very proud and grateful to count on their continued support, and we like to support them right back in any way we can.

In the current climate, when every small business needs a boost and a little extra exposure, we've hit up our shapers and sent them a little questionnaire to fill in to enable us to showcase their business and story.  We hope this will be an interesting read - we have certainly enjoyed finding out a bit more about their origins, influences and opinions on fins.

We'll be bringing out the Shaper Stories over the next few weeks or so, so keep your eye out here on our website, and of course you'll also be notified on our Instagram Stories when there's a new one up online for you to check out.

And of course, don't forget to give them a follow, shoot them a message, congratulate them on their work...who knows...maybe they'll be shaping your next board?


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