A popular question from our community of shapers - and the answer is yes! 

We can do any of our fins Glass On - be it twin or single fins, and the pricing is the same.  We make these fins up especially - we don't just cut off the bases.  They also require a different method for the logo, and of course no top coat.

Be aware!  If you're thinking of buying a normal fin and just cutting off the base to be able to glass it on, there are various things you need to be careful of.  Firstly, any logo on a standard fin will likely get eaten away by the resin used during the glassing on.  Similarly, if the fin has a top coat already on it, this will need to be removed before you glass it on, as the resin won't stick properly to it.

Our Glass On fins come logoed and ready for you to glass on without any additional preparation.

And if you're looking for Glass On custom fins - get in touch.

Glass On Custom - Diogo AppletonGlass On Collab - Kris HallGlass On - Boc Boards

Photo credits: Diogo Appleton Surf Craft, Kris Hall Longboards, Boc Boards.

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