Yes!  We will be opening the workshop to visitors, post Covid-19.  We have been preparing our workshop space for visitors for a while now, and we're almost ready to open it to the public. 

This will be by appointment only - as we work on site every day and let's be honest, it gets a bit messy and dusty!  

We've made an effort in our workshop space to ensure that everything is either secondhand or made by us as far as possible - all our tables and work benches are made by our brother Alejandro, and our chairs, armchairs, lamps etc. are all from the local Rastro, so all secondhand.  Much of the decor we've had made locally too, thanks to Olga at En Piezas - including our wooden Visitor's Book which is ready for you to sign. 

We'll also be offering our visitors organic tea & coffee, organic locally brewed IPA and homemade organic treats as well as a great selection of reading material to check out, and of course all our fin stock on display and available for purchase.

We can't wait to announce our opening, and hope you'll come to visit us when we do!

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